Fr. James Martin: Building a Bridge

Fr. James Martin returns to the show to talk how attire, small-mindedness, hospitality, unjust discrimination, the Pope, and his new book Building a Bridge.


Annie F. Downs: 100 Days to Brave

In a special crossover podcast Annie F. Downs returns to the show for a discussion about Club La Vela, the church of Christ, the need for a mothering voice, atonement, and her new book 100 Days to Brave.

For the second half of the conversation go to Annie’s podcast That Sounds Fun on Thursday. HINT- There’s a special prize for people who listen to all of both episodes.

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Christopher Heuertz :The Sacred Enneagram

Chris Heuertz joins the show to discuss his friend Mother Teresea, Fr. Richard Rohr, true self, faith vs. belief, and his new book The Sacred Enneagram.

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