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August Wrapup

Jonathan Storment, aka the Chastity Belt, returns to discuss Solomon, lying preachers, haunting conversations, Preemptive Love, and the Banality of Evil.

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Fate Hagood

The return of Fate Hagood to discuss racial misconceptions, if white people are always on time, how we are different, communication, authority, white preachers being nicer, learning grace, church growth, and why we should continue to discuss race.

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May Wrapup: Mike Cope and Jonathan Storment

Mike Cope debases his soul by sitting next to Jonathan Storment for this month’s wrapup to discuss eating beats with Rainn Wilson, entertainment’s witness, cheapest form of thinking, parables, Pete Enns, tell me more, and race.

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Steven Moore and Randy Harris: Between the World and Me

English Professor Dr. Steven Moore and theologian Randy Harris join the show to discuss Ta-Nehisi Coates’s  Between the World and Me, black rage, pro wrestling, black bodies, “those who imagine themselves to be white” and the power of listening.

For more on the subject by Steven and Randy check out this video.

Also check out Steven Moore’s children’s book Theodore Thumbs.


Sean Adams: The Church’s Response to the Police Shootings

Sean Adams returns to discuss the church’s response to the shootings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling. We also discuss the importance of listening, how bad people are in all occupations,  good cops, and why our identity as Jesus’ followers should take precedent over identity markers.