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Carl Lentz: Own the Moment

Carl Lentz joins the show to discuss Bill Simmons, Black Eyes, seminary vs. Bible college, Alabama fan haircuts, race, abortion, preaching, and his new book Own the Moment.


August Wrapup

Jonathan Storment, aka the Chastity Belt, returns to discuss Solomon, lying preachers, haunting conversations, Preemptive Love, and the Banality of Evil.

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John Ortberg: All the Places to Go

Dr. John Ortberg returns to the show to discuss how to make decisions, focusing on formation, the real reason his church went multi-site, making choices with others in mind, the benefit of failure, one practice that will help you become more wise and his newest book “All the Paces to Go.”


Jamie Wright: The Very Worst Missionary

Jamie Wright, aka the Very Worst Missionary, joins the show to discuss how to practice honesty, depression, #Blessed, who should or shouldn’t go or short-term mission trips and she finally answers if she is indeed N.T. Wright’s potty mouthed niece.

Donald Miller: Scary Close

Donald Miller joins the show to discuss life in Nashville, how his wife doesn’t complete him, knowing one’s true self, honesty, being an actor, the power of confession, the not going to church kerfuffle from last year, and his new book Scary Close.