Jonathan Merritt: Learning to Speak God from Scratch

Live from St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church in Austin, Jonathan Merritt joins the show with Rev. Merrill Wade to discuss spiritual language, transforming Christian words, and his new book Learning to Speak God from Scratch.

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Larry Hurtado: Destroyer of the gods

Dr. Larry Hurtado joins the show to discuss early Christianity including Christian distinctiveness, what made Christianity bizarre, Christianity as a philosophy, God of love, the improbability of Resurrection in the first century and his book Destroyer of the gods.

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Stephen Prothero: Why Liberals win the Culture Wars

Dr. Stephen Prothero joins the show to discuss the unholy alliance of Church and politics, Moral Majority, Evangelicals interest in Donald Trump, racism, baptizing a southern way of life, Anabaptists, being a righteous loser, and his new book “Why Liberals Win the Culture War.”

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