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Larry Hurtado: Destroyer of the gods

Dr. Larry Hurtado joins the show to discuss early Christianity including Christian distinctiveness, what made Christianity bizarre, Christianity as a philosophy, God of love, the improbability of Resurrection in the first century and his book Destroyer of the gods.

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Danielle Shroyer: Original Blessing

Danielle Shroyer joins the show to discuss the history of Original Sin, the importance of starting in Genesis one instead of Genesis three, Gospel, and her new book Original Blessing.

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Jeff Childers: Christmas

12376489_10208177040209097_3251309122421653802_nChurch Historian Dr. Jeff Childers discuss which Biblical account is the correct historical version of the birth of Jesus, the origin of Santa Clause,  Christmas lights, why we give Christmas presents, and the evolution of Christmas throughout church history.

Tony Jones: The Legacy of Phyllis Tickle

41h+a6Fw7+L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Dr. Tony Jones returns to the show to discuss why he stopped blogging, the legacy of his friend Phyllis Tickle, Emerging Church, the five hundred year rummage sale, and Phyllis Tickle: Evangelist of the Future.

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Josh Graves and Jeff Childers: Ash Wednesday Special

Special two part Ash Wednesday podcast. In the first part we are talking the history of Ash Wednesday with church historian Jeff Childers. Second part we are talking “Waking up to Death” with Author/Pastor Josh Graves.