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Luke Bio 2018

Luke and his wife Lindsay along with their three daughters live in Austin, TX where Luke is the senior minister of the Westover Hills Church. Luke’s first book God over Good released October 2018. Luke also hosts the Newsworthy with Norsworthy Podcast,  a weekly podcast discussing Spirituality, Christianity, and anything else that seems news worthy.

Follow Luke on Twitter: @LukeNorsworthy

Contact: luke@lukenorsworthy.com

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  1. Luke. Love the podcast. Thank you for putting your talents and abilities into something that is helping connect people all over the world together.

    I am moving to Texas soon, though sadly not Houston and I was wondering if you had any churches you would recommend in the Dallas/Fort Worth area?

    I totally understand how busy you must be, so if you have the time I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks again.

  2. Hey Luke, I enjoy your podcasts. Great conversations with some great people. You do a great job of keeping things entertaining and deal with topics that matter. Now all ya need is to replace your tin-can-on-a-string sound equipment so I can stop maxing out my volume in my van to hear your voice. Canada is a long ways north so you gotta speak up! Or just get a better mic. ….just saying. 😉

    1. Greetings my Canadian friend. Check the last two podcast- Enns/Beck. I’m trying something different w/ those two so you can enjoy the podcast while watching your beloved Hockeyball games and eating your maple syrup. Let me know if that helps.

  3. Hey Luke: Recently discovered your podcast and love the topics you cover with your guests…Richard Rohr, especially! God has been shaking up my Christian belief system over the last year or two and the subjects you cover really resonate with me. As someone who’s been in broadcasting for over 40 years (25 of which in Christian radio) and an audio editor/producer for the last 16, I can appreciate all you’re doing. Wish I lived closer to Austin so I could help out with any production needs…pro bono! Keep up the great work!

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