James Younger and Barry Taylor: The Story of God

James Younger, executive producer of National Geographic’s The Story of God with Morgan Freeman, joins the show to discuss sharks, Lie Witness News and which religion wins.

Dr. Barry Taylor co-host of the Story of Godcast discusses AC/DC, spirituality of music and sparkles.



Jason Micheli: Cancer is Funny

United Methodist pastor Jason Micheli joins the show to discuss humor, grief, faith in stage serious cancer and his new book Cancer is Funny.

Pete Enns: Am I a Christian?

Pete Enns return to discuss the Tim Keller piece in the New York Times.

What makes someone a Christian?

Liturgical community vs. Biblicistic community?

What is the offensiveness of the Gospel?

And Can Pete Enns know how to ask questions?


Doug King: Spiral Dynamics

Doug King of Presence joins the show to introduce Spiral Dynamics.

For more on Spiral Dynamics from Doug click here.