Brian McLaren: The Great Spiritual Migration

Brian McLaren returns to discuss being political but not partisan, wisdom, evangelism and interfaith work, slippery slopes, progress and his new book The Great Spiritual Migration.

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  1. I am a missionary in Eastern Europe. I grew up semi fundamentalist, but have become much more “progressive”. I am fully on board with Jesus and the gospel speaking into the issues of poverty, race relations, peace making. I not only see the scriptures dealing with these issues, but they resonate with my spirit, I sence God in these things. I struggle with this topic though, and don’t know why. If what Mclaren is saying is correct I want to not just believe it but feel it in my spirit and I just dont. It is almost a non issue for me, I am not sure what this means about me and or this issue…

    1. Thanks James for listening. Blessings on your work in Europe.
      McLaren’s work takes me to a place that I too don’t most naturally reside also. It might be worth reading the book to get a better understanding of his perspective. But I can commiserate that this isn’t my default perspective.
      Cheers and thanks for listening.

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