Sam Jeffrey: Christians and Violence

Former CIA operative and current Criminal Justice professor Sam Jeffrey joins the show to discuss Christians use of violence, why we shouldn’t try to fix the world, why Christians shouldn’t withdraw from civil leadership, and if pacifism is a salvation issue.

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2 thoughts on “Sam Jeffrey: Christians and Violence

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  1. Wow. Can we ever have a discussion on this in which we actually look at what the text of Scripture says. The gross distortion (not only by your guest, but by a never-ending number of Christians) e.g., about the two swords shows an abysmal lack of study.

    Have you read Charles Spurgeon on this topic?
    The modern term “pacifism” which is so confused by many, obscures the rejection of bloodshed by the early Christians And one thing both just war Christians since Augustine, and ‘pacifists’ agreed on was “No” to personal self-defense.

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