Pete Holmes

Comedian Pete Holmes joins the show to discuss reaching out to heathens, baptism by immersion, formation through suffering, Hell, enlightenment, truth not being fragile, coming to God through Pain, and Luke’s wedding ring.

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One thought on “Pete Holmes

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  1. Why censor the guest again (like Richard Rohr)? I think this doesn’t serve truth and honesty. I believe your listeners are capable of dealing with whatever your guests say. I don’t think you have to moderate the audio. You could call out the elephant in the room during the interview, if it bothers you – which it seems to do 😉 I think that would be more honest towards your listeners and the guests. I would appreciate it very much.

    Maybe it’s a cultural issue. We don’t use bleeping in Europe, so I respect you if it’s an american issue.

    Thank you for your continuing great work with this valuable podcast, Luke!

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