Becca Stevens: The Way of Tea and Justice

3f96957005aa102fea49746d378842c9Becca Stevens joins the show to discuss redemption in the world of addiction and prostitution, Thistle Farms, loving the world instead of changing the world, who the best preachers of hope are, her love of math, keeping the faith, surviving abuse and The Way of Tea and Justice.

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    The Thistle Cafe and the attached Thistle Farms are on my favorite places list for several reasons you’ll learn about here. Located in Nashville and managed by Reverend Becca Stevens to provide sanctuary and business acumen to former prostitutes, the program has taken on a Global outreach in purpose and production. Women as sex workers is a world wide phenomenon that must be tackled and giving women skills and protection can help them. The products Thistle Farms creates and sells are based on the Thistle, a strong and enduring piece of God’s creation and a wonderful piece of inspiration for what the program and business embodies. The oils are my favorite, but try out the lip smoothies and other items for yourself. And now, have a cup of tea. I will as I read Reverend Steven’s new book, The Way of Tea and Justice. Look for a review of Book and Thistle’ s teas here.

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