Larry Norsworthy: Norsworthy with Norsworthy

Luke’s Dad, Dr. Larry Norsworthy,  joins the show to talk psychology & theology,  alienation & aloneness, Peter Rollins’ Idolatry of God, chronic pain, the Peter Pan syndrome, suffering and a special outro from Luke’s daughters.

2 thoughts on “Larry Norsworthy: Norsworthy with Norsworthy

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  1. Hi Luke,
    I enjoyed and am challenged by the conversion you had with your Dad and the issues with your Mom. He said he needs to believe that life has meaning. How do the Existential psychologists live? I’m thinking of Irwin Yalom? Anyway thanks for being vulnerable.

    1. Thanks Bob. I’m going to have my dad on the show again hopefully in the next month or so. I’ll let him answer that question since it’s over my pay grade.

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