Shauna Niequist: Around the Table

Shauna Niequist joins the show to talk about the importance of the Table, Eucharist, feeling alone in grief, keys to surviving as a pastor’s kid, and “Bread and Wine.


Austin Channing Brown: Learning from Ferguson

Austin Channing Brown joins the show to talk Ferguson, white silence, justice vs. reconciliation, why whites need to risk death, and “Black Bodies White Souls.”

Don McLaughlin: Ferguson & Racial Reconciliation

Luke’s former boss, Don McLaughlin, joins the show from Atlanta to discuss Ferguson, White Privilege, supporting the police and the African-American community, his black son’s mistreatment, Hospitality, and learning to ask the question, “Tell me more?”


Matthew Paul Turner: Our Great Big American God

Turner_GreatBigAmericanGod_HCMatthew Paul Turner, known by some as @JesusNeedsNewPR, joins the show to talk GodTM, commercialized Christianity, shaping God into our image, certainty and his new book Our Great Big American God.


Aaron Niequist

Songwriter and Worship Pastor at Willow Creek Community Church Aaron Niequist joins the show to discuss a third way response to the Orlando Bloom & Justin Bieber conflict and the conflict in Gaza. Offering people a wider menu in worship. Getting bored in Quiet Times. Centering Prayers and A New Liturgy. Who’s a better preacher Aaron’s father-in-law and current pastor Bill Hybel or Aaron’s former pastor Rob Bell.


Larry Norsworthy: Norsworthy with Norsworthy

Luke’s Dad, Dr. Larry Norsworthy,  joins the show to talk psychology & theology,  alienation & aloneness, Peter Rollins’ Idolatry of God, chronic pain, the Peter Pan syndrome, suffering and a special outro from Luke’s daughters.