Christena Cleveland: Disunity in Christ

disunity-in-christSocial psychologist Dr. Christena Cleveland joins the show to discuss her time with the Red Sox, the importance of going to the table with those different from you, when to walk away from others, white males determining what’s considered newsworthy and her book “Disunity in Christ.

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  1. Really enjoyed the first half this podcast …Dr. Cleveland seems like a delightful, smart, and courageous person. Even so, in the second half I was left feeling that my problems and struggles in life are unimportant because I’m a white male (why should I have any problems!). Racism is so difficult to discuss, but it is a needful conversation. Thanks for a provocative and well-spirited podcast!

    1. John- the roll of the white male in racial reconciliation is a challenging one too. I’m doing the July wrap-up show with Sean Palmer and I know he’s got some thoughts on that very issue.
      Thanks for listening John.

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