Mike McHargue

Mike McHargue aka “Science Mike” joins the show to skepticism, science, meditation, and his post for Relevant “How Your Brain is Wired for God.”

For more on Mike’s work on prayer and meditation check out The Liturgists.


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  1. I’m intrigued these days with conversations surrounding the intersection of faith and science, the rational with experiential, so really appreciated hearing Mike share on this and his journey thus far.

  2. Thanks Judy. I agree that it’s great seeing people who can skillfully tie science and spirituality together. And I was really impressed with Mike also.

  3. Mike realizes the weakness of his position but is still able to assert that God is real? Humans are not perfectly rational, but wouldn’t it be fallacy to appeal to ignorance and create a God of the gaps? It would seem difficult to become a truly skeptical non-believer and to go on and believe in a nebulous idea of God. I wonder if at some point it would seem like pretending or deluding oneself.

  4. Have you ever listened to The New Covenant Group? They have great honest discussions between Theists and Atheists. You should get Dr. Michael W. Jones on, he has an interesting take on things!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion about Michael Jones. I’ll go check them out.

      I think everyone pretends or deludes themselves to some degree. I think that’s the fair critique of Xianity being wish fulfillment. Mike can speak for himself, but it seems that he’s trying to be honest about the tension between ignorance and faith.

      Sorry- I didn’t see your post sooner.

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