Jonathan Storment: How to Start a Riot


Jonathan Storment returns to the show to talk about his participating in an European riot, his love for the church, and his new book How to Start a Riot.


Ian Morgan Cron

012912-4Best Selling author Ian Morgan Cron returns to the show live from Malibu. We discuss his disdain for the word “relevant,” projections, living out of our true self, and the proper flooring for church buildings.


Pepperdine Mega-Podcast

Three-part podcast with Sean Palmer, Josh Graves (starting around 18:00),  and Josh Ross (33:00), from Malibu, California. Why we didn’t get a picture outside, I don’t know.

Here are a few links to subjects discussed in the podcast:

*Sean talks with us about why dads don’t babysit referencing this blog post.

*Josh Graves discusses this U2 song and Luke mentions this live U2 song.

*To learn more about Josh Ross’ trip to Barrow, Alaska check out this great video.




John Ortberg: Soul Keeping


Pastor and Author John Ortberg joins the show for a face to face interview in Malibu to discuss the Soul, his early propensity to pass out during preaching, his mentor Dallas Willard, and his new book Soul Keeping